TOFGA 2021 Virtual Conference

Topic-based Farm Tour: Swine - Utilizing the “Bio Intense Mob Till”
2/2/2021 - Tuesday
 - 5:30 to 6:30 PM CST

This session begins with a farm tour at Zanzenberg Farm in Center Point, Texas, focusing around their pastured/forested pork operation. Justin will be share his experiences, observations, knowledge and approaches to utilizing swine in an open pasture or agroforestry setting. The benefits, pros, and cons; how swine can contribute to the rapid restoration of soil health, methods of concentrations in annual grazing and crop take down, use to re-establish native perennials, restore health to tree orchards, as well as swine behavioral contributions to hydrology and the topographical equation of soil and water runoff.


Justin Graham was raised in 1980’s & 90’s conventional corn and cotton agriculture in Uvalde & Floyd County, and now specializes in repairing and re-establishing depleted soils with a rotational, regenerative approach. As the present owner and operator of Zanzenberg Farm  in Kerr County, he works specifically with the benefits and methodologies of utilizing swine to accelerate the restoration of the soil microbiome. Within this application, He and his wife Kayte, have extended their practice into the development, layout, and production of silvopasture design systems, conventional pecan orchard production systems, and the open pasture setting.



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