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Classes and Workshops at Farmshare Austin

10/01/2018 7:54 AM | Anonymous

Caring for the Soil - Intro to Soil Science and Fertility 


Monday, October 8th, 1pm - 4pm

What exactly is soil? How does it supply nutrients to plants, and support life? How can we as farmers best care for the soil? This class will explore the incredible ecosystem that is soil. You will learn how to evaluate soil texture and what that can tell you and techniques for nurturing the soil biome and building fertility.


Get tickets at: https://caringforthesoil.eventbrite.com

Greenhouse Building Workshop

Monday October 22nd from 8am to 4pm

Join Lorig Hawkins of Middle Ground Farm, Jamey Gage from B5 Farm and Farmshare Austin for a full day, hands on workshop. Spend the morning at Middle Ground Farm learning about greenhouse design. In the afternoon get some hands on experience assembling a greenhouse, bought and dissembled from another farm. You'll see how it all comes together, despite no instructions.

$25, includes lunch


Post Harvest Handling

Monday, November 12th from 1 to 4pm.

$12  https://postharvesthandling.eventbrite.com

Don’t spend time and energy growing a healthy crop only to have it lose quality by improper post harvest handling. In this class, we will go over the proper techniques to harvest, clean and store your crops in order to get them to market in peak condition. We will also touch on food safety issues, but the bulk of the class will focus on maintaining quality from harvest to market.

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